This is the front end of RETAILSOFT. POS (point of sale dubai) is the physical location at which goods are sold to customers. A point-of-service (POS Software Dubai, UAE) software terminal is a computer replacement for a cash register. More sophisticated than traditional cash registers, a POS (point of sale dubai, UAE) software system includes the ability to track customer orders, process credit cards, and manage inventory.

Pharmasoul POS(POS Software UAE) offers a very efficient POS software system which has a normal POS front end and also a server application, which helps in generating the necessary reports and also in stock take. In store comes in three offerings, light, standard & the enterprise versions.

Best Retail POS Software in UAE
  • Location Transfer
  • Stock Take
  • Delivery
  • Reports
  • Stock Take
  • POS
  • Sales & Return
  • Requisition generation
  • Goods receipt
  • Petty Cash Handling

Features at a glance:

  1. User login can be restricted by time access.
  2. A user is allowed to login only at one POS at a time. User cannot login at a POS logged by another.
  3. All the activities in the POS are logged into the activity log with Daytime wise, Activity wise, POS wise, user wise.
  4. Cancel or Re-booting the system in the middle of transaction is always captured by the system. The Reference number is printed at the end of the cashier's day end summary report (Z-report) for each user.
  5. Any number of temporary sign off times of can de done by the user.
  6. Allowed types of events (Sales, Refund, line Void, line Discount, Invoice Discount) and settlements (Local Cash, Foreign Cash, Card and other settlements) can be set for each user.
  7. Remarks on refunded and line void items are accepted for later analysis.
  8. System handles any number of foreign currencies. (As defined in the Currency Master).
  9. Opening of cash drawer is through Software.
  10. Provides a range of reports like end of day report, Refund Transactions, Void Transactions, and Discounts and other variance reports.
  11. Sales / Refund
  12. Discounts/Special Rates
  13. Stock requisition
  14. Handling of Petty cash receipts and Payments
  15. Return to manufacturer
  16. Maintenance of Monthly season calendar / week calendar
  17. Duplicate printing
  18. Facility for Late cash up – ( In the event store day end is not completed, the user can come next day and do the store day end)
  19. Location stock transfer /receipts
  20. Stock take module
  21. Price query
  22. Till wise analysis ( hour wise)

The other features of POS Software are-

  • Supplier Details: also includes product-wise supplier information
  • Suppliers Ledger: keeps a track of the various cash transactions between the Pharmacy and its suppliers.
  • Purchase Reports: Keep details of every purchase made supplier wise/date /item wise ect..
  • Stock Register: maintains a product-wise stock information.
  • Dead / Damaged / Expired stock details
  • Fast / slow moving product details.
  • Requisition details
  • Profit/ Loss Analysis Report of the Pharmacy.
  • Alternative Medicines
  • Supplier-wise Product Cost-comparison Report: gives the details of the profit margin of each product on the basis of its various suppliers.
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