Intellitech WEGA-LMS, the best laundry management software in UAE to handle commercial / industrial online and offline laundry activities. With our LMS, you can improve your company efficiency and reduce expenses. WEGA-LMS would be customized, installed and trained to all the operations like laundry collections, delivery, invoice, inventory management and reporting.

WEGA-LMS empowers you to increase the profits and be successful in your business. Your customers depend on you for bringing back their valuable clothes. They may plan to wear them on particular day, interviews, wedding, parties, etc. Our barcode based tracking system allows you to stay ahead of tracking each cloth individually right from booking until delivery. Each and every process will be tracked and recorded and the information will available to you all the time.

WEGA-LMS has different modules like Laundry collection, receipt at reception, washed laundry receiving, ironing & folding table management etc. to handle to handle all the day to day activities of a Laundry. With our system you can access your business from any part of the world. It is possible to monitor your business through Computer, laptop, Tables, Smart Phones and PDAs.

WEGA - Laundry Software Features

Best Laundry Management Software
  • Web Based Application
  • Online Laundry Booking
  • Customers Online Laundry Tracking
  • Online Payment
  • Online Deliver Scheduling
  • Maintaining client communication
  • Optimized search engine and social media friendly platform

Advantage of Using Our LMS

In this competitive day and age, a laundry management software is extremely important for the success of a laundry business. No business firms can reach the requirements which it has set out to achieve without a website. In this era of technological advancements, it is important to capitalize on the potential of the online medium services and the best way to do that is through mobile application, digital marketing and web development. If you are looking for the best laundry management software development company in UAE, you can get in touch with the experienced Intellitech Computer L.L.C located in UAE which provides services across middle east.

  • Provides advanced customer experience.
  • Increased profit.
  • Control on the business.
  • Grow beyond boundaries

Why Intellitech Provides the Best Laundry Software Services?

  • Improve inventory control.
  • Easily start with an e-mail address and Zip code.
  • Simplified payment method.
  • Easy pickup and delivery order.
  • Effective booking.
  • Offers and discount coupons.
  • Easily access the application from any platform.
  • Multiple network compatibility
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